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Royal Anne and Badda Cherries have been grown in the Willamette Valley for many years and used in processing to make maraschino cherries. Today, many people who grew up in the valley think they are the greatest cherry there is for eating fresh, drying, and canning. Eating frozen cherries in the middle of the winter can be a great treat. Dried cherries are great in dressing for Thanksgiving, cookies, and pancakes. Cherries are grown in several regions of the country, but seventy percent of cherries produced in the U. S. come from four states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah).

Nutritional Value

'The anthocyanins and antioxidants in cherries are great for your health. Cherries are packed with powerful antioxidants. In fact, they have among the highest levels of antioxidants-containing about the same as blueberries.


Loosely packed unwashed cherries in plastic bags or pour them into a shallow pan in a single layer and cover with plastic wrap to minimize bruising. Store cherries in the refrigerator and cherries in good condition should last up to a week. Check the fruit occasionally and remove the cherries that have gone bad. Wash the fruit before eating.

You can freeze cherries with pits by rinsing and draining thoroughly, spreading them out in a single layer on a cookie sheet and placing in the freezer overnight. One the cherries are frozen, transfer them to a heavy plastic bag. The frozen fruit will keep for several months.

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